“Day-to-day nonprofit work can hamper us from looking forward, and leading. The Sabbatical allowed me to take a needed break and recommit." -Cynthia Campoy Brophy

Since its founding in 1997, the Durfee Sabbatical program has awarded more than 100 sabbaticals to outstanding nonprofit leaders in Los Angeles.

Many leaders in the Los Angeles nonprofit sector work under conditions of unrelenting stress, potentially leading to burnout. The enormous demands of their jobs, combined with financial pressure, can prevent them from taking time off for much needed rejuvenation and reflection.

In an effort to replenish the stores of energy and inspiration for our community’s most treasured leaders, the Durfee Sabbatical program offers up to six organizations $53,000 each for their leaders to travel, reflect or otherwise renew themselves in whatever manner they propose, for a minimum of three consecutive months. Sabbatical awardees also meet twice a year to engage in
cross-disciplinary dialogue.


  • To recognize and reward accomplished nonprofit leaders with an extended break from their work for personal rejuvenation
  • To advance the skills and capacity of staff at sabbatical organizations so that they can assume increased leadership
  • To encourage shared leadership across the staff
  • To advocate for the efficacy of professional development programs at nonprofit organizations, thereby generating widespread appreciation for the critical value of human resources to the sector
  • To foster cross-disciplinary dialogue among nonprofit leaders in Los Angeles

LEAD Residency

The LEAD Residency allows deputy leaders to expand their knowledge, networks, and perspective through paid, short-term residencies at a peer organization in LA.


Creative Disruption

A five-year retrospective study demonstrating the value of sabbaticals for nonprofit leaders. Durfee’s program is one of five studied.

DIY Sabbatical Guide

To encourage and support nonprofits to implement their own sabbatical policies, Durfee created this do-it-yourself guide.

How-to-Guide for Funders

Durfee prepared this comprehensive guide to encourage more funders to develop sabbatical programs for nonprofits.

Sabbatical Tip Videos

Durfee Sabbatical Program Awardees on the benefits of sabbaticals for all involved and things to consider before taking or funding sabbaticals.